Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018


Herzlichen Dank an meine liebe Freundin (und Sammlerin) Janna dafür, dass sie meine Arbeiten auf ihrem Blog DESIGN GOULASH vorstellt! (HIER klicken, um zu Jannas Blog zu gelangen)

ABOUT: >>I'm Janna, thirty-something years old Finnish woman, living in Germany. I'm an interior consultant, -decorator and a lifestyle indian, passionate on interior design, textiles and textures, colors and materials as well as photography and capturing the tempo of life and it's beauty in all areas of our lives.

Coming from Finland, I'm passionate on scandinavian minimalistic living, of course! ...but also tremendously interested in the eclectic style - where different cultures and style-ideas are melting together - in both; living and design.Natural materials and consciousness in quality is nr one for me. However, design doesn't always have to be expensive.​Being the biggest DIY fan, for me inspiration is to be found everywhere and on top of all from flee markets and places you tumbe on... often quite by accident.<<

About my abstract ARTwork: 

>>Beautiful art gives any space life and character and brings your home alive.
This beautiful contemporary art above is from a great artist Kristina Botha.She is a contemporary artist from Hamburg, creating abstract/modern art and pottery. 

​You can find more of her work at or in Instagram #kristinabotha<< 

Thanx so so much, my Dear & alles Liebe!

Fotos: (c) Janna T., Hamburg/Helsinki

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